Thursday, October 1, 2009

Photos from the Dearth family

Here are some pictures provided by Roxanne (Dearth) Hamilton that I have been rather slow in posting. My intent to create a chronological history is practically impossible so I've decided to post things randomly.

These photos represent the sisters and their respective families of my great grandfather, Oliver Finnestad. As I have yet to encounter any photos of Oliver with his sisters, I do not know what the extent of their relationship was in adulthood.


Men: Pete Svetika (Husband of Frances Finnestad), Rodney Risetter, Leo Dearth (Husband of Wanda Risetter), Friends

Women: Betty (Risetter) Shipman, Rita (Richardson) Roots, Wanda (Risetter) Dearth, Norraine (Richardson) Carlson, Helen Dearth

As this was Wanda and Leo's wedding, this photo was taken November 15, 1946.


Women: Florence (Johnson) Dearth – Leo’s Mother, Betty (Risetter) Shipman, Wanda (Risetter) Dearth, Frances (Finnestad) Svetika, Alice (Finnestad) Gittleson

Men: Frank Dearth – Leo’s Father, Leo Dearth, Peter Svetika (Husband of Frances), Sal Gittleson (Husband of Alice)

I rather like this photo. Note the women's legs. If my memory serves me correctly, I recall Roxanne saying that Frances was a fun-loving, free-spirit type of woman, so I am willing to bet this was her idea.


Rodney Risetter, Betty (Risetter) Shipman, Leo Dearth, Wanda (Risetter) Dearth With Deborah (Dearth) Craig, Alice (Finnestad) Gittleson, Frances (Finnestad) Svetika

I am assuming this photo was taken within a year of Deborah's birth, however, I have not yet found out the date.