Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Iverdine and Rakkel (or Rachel) Finnestad

A few weeks ago I posted documentation of the first (that I have located) of our ancestors to move to North America. Iverdine and Rakkel's big adventure.

I finally located the original documents regarding Iverdine and Rakkel's (Rachel is the Americanized version of Rakkel) trip to North America from Norway.

Above, Iverdine is listed just below Peder Pedersen Nordskaar and wife Suzanne and above children Peder Pedersen Finnestad and Iverdine Finnestad.

Below, Rakkel is listed just above Marthe Iversatter Nordskaar.

I am guessing that the Pedersen/Nordskaar family are the aunt and uncle of Iverdine and Rakkel.

From a previous post, Ole and Mari wedding record I discovered Nord-Skaar was the farm where Mari had lived and was also included in several other documents. It only stands to reason that two young Finnestad girls were accompanied with relatives on their journey to North America.

I also note there was one other family, Knud, wife Inger and their 4 children from the Finnestad farm, but the spelling (once again) was incorrect on the translation as it was spelled Finnesand. None of their names appear to to be related to our Finnestad family.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oliver Finnestad and family

Here is a photo of my great grandfather, Oliver Finnestad along with 7 of his 9 children.

Again, I am guessing as far as placement, but:

Back row, left to right: Burdette, Oliver Sr, Kenneth

Second row, left to right: Harland, Oliver Jr., Verlis

Front row, left to right: Lois and baby Shirley

This photo would have been taken in 1925 as Shirley was born January 10, 1925.

Thank you to Joan Bays for providing the photo.

Oliver and Mary Finnestad

Here is a photo of my great grandparents, Oliver and Mary Finnestad along with 6 of their 9 children.

Back Row: Oliver and Mary

I am guessing as to the correct placement, but:

2nd row, left to right: Kenneth, Harland, Burdette

Front row, left to right: Verlis, Lois and Oliver Jr.

The photo was probably taken in the year 2020, as Lois looks to be approximately 18 months old.

Thank you to Joan Bays for providing the photo.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ole and Caroline Finnestad burial

Here is a photo of the headstone of my great great grandparents, Ole and Caroline Finnestad. Their burial is located at the Fairview Cemetery in DeKalb, Illinois.

I posted Ole's obituary last week:

Fairview Cemetery - DeKalb, Illinois

Many of the Finnestad family are buried in the Fairview Cemetery located at 1600 S 1st Street in DeKalb, Illinois.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Barnel Oluf Olson Finnestad

According to the 1900 US Federal Census, Ole Sr and Mari Finnestad had 11 children, 8 had survived as of 1900. I believe I have found the 11th child.

Reviewing the Norwegian digital archives (above), Oluf was born July 8, 1866 at the Finnestad farm in Norway.

A year and a half later, the archives indicate (below) he passed away on February 18, 1868; the cause is unknown. There is a first name, which looks like "Bernel", though the handwriting is difficult to read.

There were two archives for Oluf's birth, the first which is the parish register "copy":

I could read the Ole Olson portion, but due to the handwriting, I was unable to decipher Mari's last name, though Finnestad clearly showed up.

I checked the 2nd archive, which is the "official parish register":

As you can see, the detail in "Iversdat." is much more legible in the "official" register, so it seemed pretty obvious this is the final child of my great great great grandparents.

So of the 3 deaths:

- Oluf died in 1868 at 19 1/2 months
- the first Maria died in 1851 at the age of 3 years and 2 months

As I have verified the dates of the rest of the Finnestad family after 1900, it would appear that one of the twins, either Iverdine or Bertha had died prior to 1900. Iverdine, as I had mentioned in a previous post, had come to the United States in 1871. I have been unable to verify whether Bertha ever made it to the US.

Finnestad School

I stumbled upon a couple of sites today that verify the name of the school that was kitty-corner across the road where Ole Finnestad, wife Caroline and family lived.

The school was located in Lee County, Alto Township, Northwest Section 12 on Woodlawn Road on the southeast side of the intersection.

The School was called the Finnestad (or Carlson) #135.

Here is a photo from the Lee County Historical Site.

Correction (April 12, 2013) below:

The School can be found on the following plat map of Alto township by locating Section 12:

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ole Finnestad Jr obituary

Here is the obituary for my great, great grandfather, Ole Finnestad Jr from the Dixon Evening Telegraphy of July 9, 1928. Note the misspelling of his first and last name, though Finnestad was spelled correctly within the content of the article.

You will also note that his brother Rasmus had moved from Canada to Washington by the time of his brother's death. Oddly, there is no mention of the sisters that survived him, leading me to believe they may have lost touch by the time of his death.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

1900 US Federal Census - Rachel

The 1890 US Federal Census was destroyed in a fire, so the location and members of the household are unknown, however, here is the 1900 Census for Rachel Vallem. I had posted this particular census last year, but at that time I did not realize Rachel was Ole Sr's daughter.

Rachel was widowed by 1900 and lived with son Ole, daughters, Linnie (sp?), Ella, Dena, and son Elmber in Alto Township, Lee County, Illinois. They lived on the same road as Rachel's father and mother Ole Sr and Mari Finnestad, sister's Sarah and Mary, and further down on the same road, brother Ole Finnestad Jr and his family.