Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Iverdine and Rakkel (or Rachel) Finnestad

A few weeks ago I posted documentation of the first (that I have located) of our ancestors to move to North America. Iverdine and Rakkel's big adventure.

I finally located the original documents regarding Iverdine and Rakkel's (Rachel is the Americanized version of Rakkel) trip to North America from Norway.

Above, Iverdine is listed just below Peder Pedersen Nordskaar and wife Suzanne and above children Peder Pedersen Finnestad and Iverdine Finnestad.

Below, Rakkel is listed just above Marthe Iversatter Nordskaar.

I am guessing that the Pedersen/Nordskaar family are the aunt and uncle of Iverdine and Rakkel.

From a previous post, Ole and Mari wedding record I discovered Nord-Skaar was the farm where Mari had lived and was also included in several other documents. It only stands to reason that two young Finnestad girls were accompanied with relatives on their journey to North America.

I also note there was one other family, Knud, wife Inger and their 4 children from the Finnestad farm, but the spelling (once again) was incorrect on the translation as it was spelled Finnesand. None of their names appear to to be related to our Finnestad family.

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