Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ole Sr & Mari, Josephine & Sarah Finnestad burial

The above plot map is a close-up of Ole Sr Finnestad's plot and indicates he is sharing space 71 with Bernie Knutson, on the lower right hand corner. It is my guess that the plot was shared with Bernie Knutson as he may have been related to Ole & Mari's eldest daughter, Elizabeth's husband, Ole Andreas Knutson.

Above is an overall map of the plots located at Union Cemetery in Lee County, Illinois.

Above is an index card for the individual plots located at Union cemetery, 19 Perry Road, Lee County, Illinois.

I received these documents from the previous sexton, Mr. Jordal, who had been retired when I stopped by the cemetery in August 2008. Even though he is no longer the cemetery sexton, he had the documents at his house, which is just beyond the cornfield to the west of the cemetery.

Since the only other proof that I had of the Finnestads being buried at Union cemetery was the CD I had obtained through Calvary Lutheran church, I decided to scan a copy of these cemetery records onto my computer while I was at Mr. Jordal's house. I figured it would probably be the last opportunity I would have to get a copy.

And oddly, Mr. Jordal is a descendant of my grandmother Lillian Finnestad's (nee Jordal) great-grandfather. Though as he is distant cousin to Lillian, there would have been no way for him to have known that there was any connection to a Finnestad buried at Union cemetery.
(Did you follow that?)

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