Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rasmus Oleson Finnestad family tree

I have completed cleaning up the family tree and added a final tab for Ole and Mari Finnestad's son, Rasmus.

Six of Ole and Mari's eleven children produced the most descendants; the last 6 tabs include those six children and the two subsequent generations. 

Here is a summary and links to the additional tabs:

- Elizabeth Knutson
- Iverdine (Dana) Travland
- Rachel Vallem
- Ole Finnestad (Jr)
- Bert Finnestad
- Rasmus Finnestad

The family tree will always be available on the right hand margin for easy access.

In the future, subsequent generations will be listed on a new spreadsheet to reduce any confusion.   The additional spreadsheets will be listed in the right hand margin below the original family tree.

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