Friday, November 13, 2009

1900 US Federal Census - Elizabeth Knutson

Elizabeth, Ole and Mari's eldest daughter was listed on the 1900 census with husband Ole Andreas, son Ole Alfred, daughter, Anna (or Annie), daughter Ella (Edith) and a grandson, Elmer, (last name undecipherable).

This record was difficult to find because the handwriting was not clear, so I had to individually scan the Flagg township, city of Rochelle census records until I found it.

I also have not yet been able to find out which of Elizabeth and Ole's daughters had the child, Elmer. It does state that Elizabeth had 10 children and 5 were living in 1900, so I'm guessing that Elmer's mother had died.

I presently have tracked down 7 of Elizabeth and Ole's children, though one I am not 100% positive is their child. The missing 3 others may have been born in Norway and I'm presently reviewing Norwegian records in an attempt to locate them.

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