Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bertha Haaland - immigration to the US

I came across this document that may pertain to Ole and Mari Finnestad's daughter, Bertha Haaland.

This is an passenger list for arrivals to Quebec. (Bertha is listed as #8007).

Unfortunately, I can't read the destination to verify whether it is actually Ole and Mari's daughter.

The ship was the Ontario from the Dominion Line and arrived June 17, 1883.

The 1920 US Census lists both Andreas and Bertha as having immigrated in 1882.

However, according to the 1910 US Census, Bertha came to the US in 1883; her husband Andreas arrived in 1882. So it is possible it's Bertha Olson Finnestad Haaland.

If I find another document to confirm this is actually Bertha, I will post it.

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