Thursday, April 8, 2010

Union Cemetery - Lee County, Illinois

While trying to find my great great grandparents' (Ole Finnestad Jr and Caroline Quitno) marriage license, I came across a genealogical website for DeKalb County, Illinois.

There was a link that led to the Union Cemetery in Lee County that provided a partial list of those buried. I had seen a few pages of this list while reviewing Trish Hodgens' website of the Travland family, but had not seen a more complete list.

A few months ago I was still trying to confirm the grave sites of Ole and Mari Finnestad's twin daughters, Iverdine and Bertha. Trish had already confirmed Iverdine's was at the Union Cemetery. A few weeks ago I called the previous Union Cemetery sexton, Marlon Jordal, who provided me the exact location of Bertha's grave.

It's always good to come across another document that confirms something in the event there are doubts you have the right person.

If you click on the above link for the list* of those buried at the Union Cemetery, I have drawn a red arrow for Haaland (and Holland), Sandersons, Travlands and Vallems that are our ancestors.

The list also contains a few Knutsons and Olsons, which may have a few other descendants of Ole and Mari Finnestad, but I've yet to find corroborating evidence to verify.

Oddly, the list didn't have any Finnestads, but that may be due to the fact the marker was missing. Not knowing if one was ever put in place, I had one made and placed in position in January, 2009.

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