Sunday, September 26, 2010

1910 US Census - Peter Travland and Thomas Travland.

Here is the 1910 US Census for Ole and Mari Finnestad's grandson, Peter Andrew Travland, wife Hannah and their son Lawrence (line 70 - 72) living in Bee County, Texas.

The image has been smeared, but living a few houses away (lines 79 - 84) was Peter's younger brother, Thomas Tobias Travland, wife Stella and their children, Ernest, William, Louis and Lillie.

The three Travland brothers all lived within a short distance of each other in Bee County; yesterday I posted the 1910 Census for their older brother Ole Travland.

Peter was the second son (and third child) born to Iverdine (Finnestad) and Lewis Joseph Peterson Travland.    Thomas was the third son (fourth and final child) born to Iverdine and Lewis.

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