Monday, December 27, 2010

Ester Eleanor and Lillian Ruth Sanderson - baptism

Here is the baptism record for two of Ole and Mari Finnestad's great granddaughters, Ester (Esther?) Eleanor and her sister, Lillian Ruth Sanderson.

Ester seems to be a forgotten child of Mary (Vallem) and Seward Sanderson, the 11th of their 14 children,  (Though Seward had a total of 15 children, one having been born to his first wife,  Martha Cody) because this is the only document I've come across with Ester's name.

Ester was born February 17, 1914 and was baptized at the Calvary Lutheran Church in Lee County, Illinois on November 14, 1915 (listed 4th from the bottom).   She apparently died prior to the 1920 US census, since her name is not listed, nor has she been listed on any other record from the Calvary Lutheran Church.

Ester's older brother, Charles LeRoy Sanderson was born May 13, 1913 so Mary (Vallem) Sanderson apparently didn't have any time off from having children.  Her younger sister would have been a couple of months premature considering Lillian Ruth Sanderson was born September 17, 1914.

Lillian was baptized a few months before Ester on August 22, 1915, (last line) leading me to believe Ester may have had illnesses as an infant.    If I come across any documents that clarify Ester's birth, I'll post a correction.

Ester and Lillian's grandparents were Rachel (Finnestad) and Lewis Vallem.

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