Friday, March 11, 2011

1930 US Census - William Roosevelt Olson

I'm pretty sure this is the 1930 US Census for Mari and Ole Finnestad's grandson, William Roosevelt Olson.

If I'm correct, William was living in Minneapolis, employed as a cloth cutter for an underwear company.    William was born in February 10, 1901 in Cylinder, Iowa.  He would have been 29 at the time the census was taken in April of 1930.   Both his parents were born in Norway, so everything seems to match.   If the middle initial were more legible, I would be 100% certain it is his census.

The rest of his siblings are accounted for here, here and here.  Since the post of the 1930 US Census for Mary Olson, I figured out that Ann (Bell) was Stanley's wife and not the wife of William.

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