Saturday, August 27, 2011

Andrea Elizabeth (Knutson) and Lambert Johnson - burial

Ole and Mari Finnestad's granddaughter, Andrea Elizabeth (Knutson) and husband Lambert Johnson were buried at the St John's Lutheran Cemetery (South) which is located northeast of Cylinder, Iowa.

Here is a photo of Andrea's headstone.

Andrea (Lizzie) was born January 29, 1873 in Stavanger, Norway.   She died August 27, 1898 in Cylinder, Iowa.

Here is a photo of Lambert Johnson's headstone.  Lambert was born April 24, 1870 in Illinois and died October 22, 1918 in Palo Alto County, Iowa.

Here is a photo of the entrance to the cemetery.

Here is a view of the cemetery located at the corner of 360th Street & 550th Avenue.

Andrea was the daughter of Elizabeth (Finnestad) and Ole Andreas Knutson.

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