Monday, April 9, 2012

1940 US Census - Oliver Finnestad

The 1940 US Census was released last week.       Here is the census for my great grandparents, Mary (Kurth) and Oliver Finnestad (starting at line 53).

In 1940, three of their six sons, Oliver Jr, Verlis and Robert and two of their three daughters, Lois and (Alice) Leota were living with their parents.    Mary and Oliver Finnestad were living in Creston, Ogle county, Illinois.

Oliver and was still employed as a farm laborer.     Oliver Jr was working as a meat cutter at a retail establishment and Verlis was employed with a grain company.

Some of the questions on the census are difficult to read.   Below is a legible blank census form as an explanation of symbols.

Oliver was the son of Carline (Quitno) and Ole Finnestad Sr.    His grandparents were Mari (Iversdatter Nord-Skaar) and Ole Finnestad Sr.

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