Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sailing from Stavanger

I was reviewing the 1871 passenger list of the Nordens Dronning which Rakkel (Rachel) and Iverdine (Dina) Olsdatter Finnestad had traveled from Norway to America and found another family connection.

Listed below Rakkel Olson Finnestad is Marthe Iversdatter Nordskaar.    Marthe (Martha) had not been married at the time she sailed to America.    The farm where she had lived in Norway. Nordskaar, was used as a last name.    Martha was the younger sister of Mari Iversdatter Finnestad and sister-in-law of Ole Olson Finnestad Sr.

Martha passed away November 20, 1899.  Services were held at the First Lutheran Church in Lee County, Illinois.   Having left no heirs, a lawsuit was filed to distribute the proceeds left from her estate.

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