Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bertha Haaland funeral

It's been some time now since I'd tracked down all of my great great great grandparent's children.

Ole and Mari Finnestad had 11 children (7 girls & 4 boys).

Maria and Barnel died as infants in Norway.

Bert died in Outlook, Saskatchewan.

The rest of the Finnestad siblings died in the United States. I have posted photos of all of the headstones except for Maria and Barnel in Norway, Elizabeth and Rachel (those will be forthcoming) and the twins, Iverdine and Bertha.

While I know the dates Iverdine and Bertha passed away, I've been unable to locate their final resting place. However, the other night I decided to go through the Calvary Lutheran Church records and located confirmation of Bertha's burial.

According to the church records, Bertha's husband, Ole Andreas Haaland handled the burial on April 30, 1929. While funeral services may have been held at the church, I am waiting on confirmation from the Union Cemetery sexton (next door to the church) and the funeral home, Unger Horner to verify the location of burial. I'm not sure Unger Horner handled either funeral but they did handle many of the Finnestad family.

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