Sunday, February 7, 2010

Elizabeth Knutson travel

Here is a entry document into the United States. The port of entry is Portal, North Dakota. When I obtained the document, the year indicated was 1909, though I looked through the document and didn't see the actual date.

Elizabeth (eldest daughter of Ole and Mari Finnestad) and husband Ole Andreas Knutson had come through Portal on their way back from Outlook, Saskatchewan.

If you look closely, on the right side (line 25 and 26), the form indicates they were visiting Ole Knutson's brother-in-law, Berthel Finnestad (Elizabeth's younger brother). While I can't read the final columns due to a smudge, it most likely indicates Rochelle, where they were living at the time. I also am assuming they took the train to Canada and back to Illinois. (You get used to making assumptions when encountering documents that lack detailed information.)

As I had stated in a previous post, Bert Finnestad and wife Celia had moved to Saskatchewan in 1904.

While the document doesn't mention younger brother Rasmus Finnestad, Elizabeth and her husband most likely visited their family as well since they also were living in Outlook.

Below is the route if they were to drive today, which is 1280 miles; 22 hours and 41 minutes.

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