Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ole Sr, Mari, Sarah and Josephine Finnestad burial revisted

Ole and Mari Finnestad, along with their daughter Sarah and granddaughter Josephine are buried at the Union Cemetery in Lee County, Illinois.

I had posted photos after the granite marker had been put in place last year, so here are photos in the summer, without snow. I still have no idea whether the plot had a previous marker; if it did, I do not know what became of it.

Sarah was the second child born to Ole and Mari Finnestad. She never married or had children, so that branch of the Finnestad family tree ends with her.

Josephine was Ole Jr and Caroline Finnestad's daughter.

Ole was born February 14, 1814 and died November 22, 1906.
Mari was born July 12, 1824 and died November 1, 1905.
Sarah was born July 5, 1846 and died August 21, 1923.
Josephine was born February 13, 1886 and died December 6, 1902.

Here is the archway to the cemetery with an arrow pointing out the location of the granite marker for Ole Finnestad, wife Mari, their daughter Sarah and granddaughter Josephine.

Here is the Union Cemetery sign facing Perry Road. I don't remember this sign when I was there a couple of years ago and didn't realize they considered it Steward. It's quite rural and the village of Steward is a few miles to the west. The Calvary Lutheran Church is located on the DeKalb County side, and the cemetery, just across County Line Road is on the Lee County side.

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