Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ole, Bert and Rasmus Finnestad Immigration documentation

I came across a few immigration documentation index cards the other day for three of Ole and Mari Finnestad's sons.

This index card references eldest brother Ole Finnestad's immigration document.

Andrew Arent and Lewis Travland were listed as witnesses.

When I originally obtained the complete immigration document a few years ago, I did not know that Andrew was the husband of Linnie Vallem (Ole's niece), if it refers to Andrew Jr. I also wasn't aware at the time, that Lewis was the husband of Ole's sister, Iverdine.

This card references Bert Finnestad's immigration document.

This card references Rasmus Finnestad's immigration document.

Witnesses for both Bert and Rasmus were Edmond Aske and Asa Dixon. I'm guessing they were neighbors or friends of Bert as I've not found any other connection.

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