Thursday, July 8, 2010

Edith (Knutson) Ludwig - burial

Continuing with Elizabeth Knutson's branch of the Finnestad family........

Edith Knutson was (as far as I know) the youngest daughter of Elizabeth (Finnestad) and Ole Andreas Knutson.

Edith was born in November 1886 and died in 1969. She is buried at the Lawnridge Cemetery in Rochelle, Illinois.

Note the year 1888 on the marker. This is an example of how grave markers are not always a reliable source of information. Either an error by the company that made the marker, or the individual involved opted to let the world know they were younger than their actual age. Or perhaps family members never really know their real age.

Below is the marker for Edith's husband, Charles Ludwig.

Edith Olivia Knutson and Charles Edward Ludwig married sometime in 1920.

Edith was the granddaughter of Ole and Mari Finnestad.

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