Friday, July 2, 2010

Andrea Elizabeth Knutson marriage

Last week after some digging, I finally discovered who married Andrea Elizabeth Knutson. Considering people generally meet at school, church, work or live in the neighborhood, it wasn't too much of a stretch of the imagination that Andrea would marry someone that also attended the same church.

I posted her confirmation record from the Calvary Lutheran church and it seems her future brother-in-law, Lewis T Johnson was on the same page. Also on this same page are the children of Rachel and Lewis Vallem; Peter and Ole.

Andrea Elizabeth Knutson married Lambert Johnson, I believe sometime in 1891. They eventually moved to Cylinder, Iowa where her sister Mary Olson and family were living.

I have also tracked down three children born to Andrea Elizabeth and Lambert:

- Lillie, born January 17, 1892 in Illinois
- Truman Levi, born August 30, 1895 in Rochelle, Illinois
- Elmer Levi, born August 12, 1898 in Cylinder, Iowa

Andrea died August 27, 1898 in Cylinder, Iowa, two weeks after the birth of Elmer. She is buried at the St. John's Lutheran Cemetery (South). The marker is listed as Lizzie so apparently she went by a nickname of her middle name, Elizabeth.

By 1900, her husband, Lambert, a widower, moved in with his older brother Jacob and wife Martha in Chicago, Illinois.

The 1900 Census record for Andrea's parents, Elizabeth and Ole Andreas Knutson listed their grandson, Elmer as a resident. The census taker apparently used his middle name as the last name (and spelled it incorrectly and unintelligibly).

The 1910 Census record, Elmer was still living with his grandparents but the census taker made another error and posted his first name as Albert. It is too coincidental when considering the age, last name and having been born in Iowa.

These types of errors make tracking down your ancestors quite difficult, but common sense and reasoning, along with other documents can help clear up these mistakes.

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