Tuesday, August 26, 2008

1st, 2nd and 3rd generation - preview

Until I find a software that will allow me to download the family tree onto this blog site, the following will serve as a preview.

Previously I provided a list of Ole Olson Finnestad Sr's children. The 3rd known generation:

Elizabeth Olson married O.A. Knutson. As of the 1910 US census, Elizabeth had 10 children but only 4 had survived. The only known child as of this writing was Edith Knutson. The other 3 I have been unable to locate.

Ole Finnestad Jr married Caroline Quitno. They had 7 children: "Dina" Josephine, Oliver, Lettie Clara, Alice Marie, (Carrie) Eveyln, Lillian May and Frances Julia Finnestad.

Bert Finnestad married Celia Goodmonson. They had 5 children:
Oscar, George, Minerva (Minnie), Charlotte and Selma Bertha Finnestad.

Rasmus Finnestad married Carrie Goodmonson (Celia's sister). They had 5 children:
Mabel, Goodwin Cornel, Rose Clara and Olaf Finnestad.

In regards to Ole and Mari's other children:
Sarah (Serina), Iverdine, Bertha, Rakel Marie and Mary B - I have been unable to confirm that they were married and/or had children.

Ole and Mari's daughter Maria died at age 3 as previously stated in an earlier post. And the 11th child I believe also died either in childbirth or shortly thereafter - but that is just a guess.

Also, you should note that I have no confirmation as to whether Elizabeth married in Norway or in the United States. Should she have married in Norway, it's not likely she would have taken the name "Finnestad" as there are no records to document that Ole Olson took the name BEFORE arriving in the United States. As a result I am not using the name "Finnestad" for descendants that I cannot confirm came to America; they will remain "Olson".

I have traced further generations of Ole Jr, Bert and Rasmus and will post them later. Hopefully with family tree software that will place everyone on a single document.

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