Monday, August 25, 2008


According to census records:

- Bert arrived in America in 1874.
- Rasmus arrived in America in 1875 (Prior to June).
- Their brother Ole Jr, sisters Mary B and Sarah also came over in 1875.

- Their sister Elizabeth arrived in 1879 or 1881.

- Their parents Ole Olson Sr and wife Mari arrived in the US 1882 (after June).

Again, census records lack legibility and accuracy. But it gives you an idea when the Finnestad family began their life in "the new world".

It was common to take the name of the farm on which a family lived as their family name. So 'Olson' became Finnestad.

Here are Ole Jr's, Rasmus and Bert's immigration documents, completed in Sycamore, Illinois. (Followed by Bert and Rasmus).

These documents were not completed upon entry to the US but rather at a date much later than when they initially arrived.

Note that all allegiance and fidelity to the King of Norway & Sweden has been renounced.

I also have come to the conclusion that the women and children were not required to complete such a document as they did not have a legal right to do so.

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