Monday, August 25, 2008

The Olsons (soon to be Finnestads)

In Norway, the last name of the son of the father became "son" and the daughter of the father became "datter".

For example, in our family, Ole Ols had a son Ole, who then became Ole Olson. Ole Ols had a daughter, Marie who became Marie Olsdatter.

For more information on the Norwegian naming system, go to the following website:

Ole Sr and Mari Olson had 11 children, though as of this writing, I have only been able to track down 10:

Elizabeth, Sarah, Maria, Iverdine, Bertha, Rakel Marie, Ole Jr, Mary B, Bertel O, and Rasmus.

Elizabeth, Sarah, Ole Jr, Mary B, Bertel O and Rasmus have been documented moving to the United States, along with their parents, Ole Sr and Mari.

Maria died at the age of 3 in Norway. I have been unable to confirm whether Iverdine, Bertha and Rakel Marie left Norway. (For the record, Iverdine and Bertha were twins.)

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