Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Marie Alice, Carrie Eveyln and Charlotte Finnestad

Here is the baptism record from Calvary Lutheran Church in Lee, Illinois for Marie Alice and Carrie Evelyn Finnestad, (#18 & #19) daughters of Ole and Caroline Finnestad, and Charlot Finnestad, daughter of Bert and Ceclia Finnestad. All three are the grandchildren of Ole and Mari Finnestad Sr.

Marie Alice Finnestad was born June 24, 1893 and baptized June 20, 1897.

Carrie Evelyn Finnestad was born September 1, 1896 and baptized June 20, 1897.

Charlotte Finnestad was born February 12, 1898 and baptized April 10th, 1898.

In attendance for Marie's baptism were her parents and Mr and Mrs Christopher Quitno, possibly Caroline's grandparents and 3 other unknown persons.

In attendance for Carrie's baptism were her parents and Mr and Mrs Jacob Quitno, unknown relation to Caroline and Carrie's aunt and uncle, Bert and Celia Finnestad.

In attendance for Charlotte's baptism were her parents and aunt and uncle, Rasmus and Carrie Finnestad, along with a few other unknown individuals.

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