Sunday, October 10, 2010

Peder Peterson Travland - burial

Here are some photos of the tombstones for Iverdine (Finnestad) Travland's father-in-law, Peder Pederson Travland located at the Union Cemetery in Lee County, Illinois.

Peder Travland's son, Peder Peterson Travland, was Iverdine's brother-in-law.    I believe he had traveled with Iverdine from Norway to North America in 1871, along with Peder (Jr)'s wife Susanna.    (The Nordens Dronning passenger list had an incorrect age for Peter, but the age of his wife Susanna  does match.    Iverdine's future husband, Lewis Joseph Peterson Travland may have also traveled on the same ship, but I'd have to go through the entire passenger list to verify.)

Nord-Skaar was the name of the farm (and eventual family name before marriage to my great great great grandfather, Ole Oleson) where my great great great grandmother Mari Ivarsdatter had lived.

From reviewing the Nordens Dronning passenger list along with Patricia Travland Hodgen's website, it's possible that Iverdine's in-laws were cousins of Mari.     Another possibility is that Susanna (Iversdatter) Travland was the younger sister of Mari.    I'd have to do additional research but then I'd be getting off track and into another direction.

While Peder Travland was not part of the Finnestad bloodline, it is interesting to note the interconnecting relationship of past and present family members.

This entry is also a good time to revisit the topic of Norwegian naming patterns.

The photo above is a side view of Peder's marker.

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