Monday, August 9, 2010

1880 US Census - Lambert Johnson

I don't generally post documents of "eventual" family members, but thought I would post this 1880 US Census for Elizabeth and Ole Andreas Knutson's future son-in-law, Lambert Johnson.

Lambert would eventually marry Andrea Elizabeth "Lizzie" Knutson sometime in 1891.

The importance of this document is that it verifies the members of Lambert's family, such as his brother Jacob, who would share his home in 1900 with Lambert after the death of Lizzie.

This census record also helps put together the pieces of the puzzle, such as where Lambert lived in 1880, which was Milan township in DeKalb, Illinois, just a few miles from the Calvary Lutheran Church in Lee County.

Lizzie and Lambert probably met at church; Lizzie was confirmed at Calvary Lutheran as well as Lewis Johnson, Lambert's younger brother a couple of years later.

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