Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1880 US Census - Ole and Mary Oleson Finnestad

Continuing from yesterday's post, here is the 1880 US Census taken June 21st.  I believe this census pertains to Ole Jr and sister Mary Finnestad (line 7 & 8), living in the village of Malta, DeKalb County, Illinois.

The 1880 Census documents the age at last birthday prior to June 1, 1880.    Ole was born June 4, 1856 and Mary was born January 19, 1859.    Ole's age would be 23 and Mary's age would be 21.    Since Ole would be 24 a few days after the 'requirement' and it looks like they indicated Mary was 21, I'm probably on the right track that this is the correct Oleson siblings who have not yet adopted Finnestad as their last name.

The name that is unclear is that of their nephew.   It looks like the first name and middle initial is "Ole J".    The last name is difficult to read, but starts with a "T".  After looking through the list of potential relatives, Ole and Mary's sister Iverdine had a son named Ole John Travland, who was born August 6, 1872.   He would be 8 a couple of months after the census was taken.   It wouldn't be the first time I encountered a census error regarding someone's age.    

Ole John Travland was already accounted for on the census taken June 12, 1880 at the home of his father living in Milan township (south of Malta) in DeKalb County, Illinois.   I have encountered individuals mentioned on more than one census record for the same year, so I'm willing to bet this record is that of Ole Finnestad Jr and Mary Finnestad and that their nephew was either visiting on the day the census was taken or was possibly living in both households.

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