Saturday, August 7, 2010

1925 Iowa Census - Lillie (Johnson) Wright, Evelyn Wright

Of all the census records I've come across, the 1925 Iowa Census is the most valuable.

Below is the census for Ole and Mari Finnestad's great granddaughter Lillie (Johnson) Wright, husband Frank and their daughter Evelyn.

Page 1 provides the name, personal information, such as age, sex, education, citizenship, etc.

Page 2 provides the name of the parents of the individual which is invaluable in confirming you have the correct family member and often provides names you may not have previously known.

Having a document confirm Lillie's parents, (Elizabeth Knutson and Lambert Johnson) helped me verify I had the correct family.

Page 3 provides military service, occupation and church affiliation. All of these can help lead you into another direction to locate even more information on your ancestors.

Unfortunately, there are too few of my ancestors that lived in Iowa during the time of this census.

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