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Knutson family immigration documentation

Continuing the 3rd entry of uncertainty, here is the ship's register of passengers for the S S Main that left Bremen, Germany and arrived in New York City on July 30, 1880.

The 1900 US Census indicated that Ole and Mari Finnestad's daughter Elizabeth arrived in the United States in 1880.   The 1910 US Census indicated the year was 1879.   The 1930 US Census indicated the year of immigration was 1881.     The immigration documents completed by Elizabeth's husband did not indicate the year.

Basically, you work with the cards you are dealt.     Though I believe I'm on the right track.

I believe entries #943 - #947 (below) is the family of Andreas and Elizabeth Knutson who left from Norway, via Bremen to New York City.

Ole Andreas Knutson was born July 23, 1839.   He would have been 41 on the date of arrival, though he would have been 40 at the date the ship left Bremen, which matches the age listed on the register.

Elizabeth (Finnestad) Knutson was born April 10, 1844 and would have been 36 at the time, matching the ship's register.
While the misspelling of "Knutson" as "Knudsen" can easily be overlooked, the ages of the the children listed, Clara, Andrea and Clara (possibly Olava) is more difficult to explain.

-Clara was born February 27, 1870 and would have been 10 years old.  The ship's register indicated she was 5.

-Andrea was born January 23, 1873 and would have been 7 years old.   The ship's register indicated Andrea was a male and 4 years old.  

-I am still missing a 10th child born to Ole Andreas and Elizabeth, so it's possible they had a second child named Clara.

-Olava, however, was born July 12, 1878 and would have been 2 years old, which the ship's register listed correctly.    (So 3 out of 5 isn't too terribly awful.)

However, the native language of the Knutson family, Norwegian, could be the reason why the ages of the children do not match.    I also wonder why they did not travel with the rest of their children, unless they followed with another family member at a later time.

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