Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Elabata "Ella" Bertina (Vallem) Olson - burial

Ole and Mari Finnestad's granddaughter, Elabata "Ella" Bertina Vallem was born on December 26, 1885 to Rachel (Finnestad) and Lewis Vallem in Lee county, Illinois.

Ella was married to George Olson in Indiana sometime in November 1908.    Ella passed away May 21, 1975 in Aurora, Kane county, Illinois.

Ella and George were buried at the Union Cemetery in Lee County, Illinois.     Here is a photo of their plot.    Unfortunately a bush has grown over the monument so it is difficult to locate, however their headstones are clearly visible to the west.

Here is a photo of the monument hidden by the bushes.

Here is a more visible photo of the monument.

Here is a photo of Ella's headstone.

George was born in Illinois in 1886 and died in 1947.    Here is a photo of his headstone.

And another shot of Ella and George's headstones together.

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