Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Elmer James Vallem - burial

Ole and Mari Finnestad's grandson, Elmer James Vallem was born August 2, 1893 in Steward, Lee County, Illinois to Rachel (Finnestad) Vallem and Jacob Jacobson (after the death of Rachel's husband, Lewis Vallem).

Elmer died November 28, 1943 in Rochelle, Ogle county and was buried at the Lawnridge Cemetery.    No marker or headstone was placed to indicate his plot, but here is a photo of the burial space next to his brother-in-law Ole P Hall and half sister, Isabel (Vallem) Hall.

Here is a photo of the Vallem and Hall family plot.   Rachel (Finnestad) Vallem's headstone is in the foreground, her daughter Isabel Hall is buried next to her, Ole P Hall, then Elmer Vallem.

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