Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Finnestad family photo

I had posted this photo of the Finnestad family taken about 1870 in Norway and recently* located the original, which is slightly clearer than the one I posted in March 2010. 

My original guess as to the names was correct, other than Rachel and Mary which I had switched around.   The correct positions are:

Back row: Bert, Mary, Rasmus, Ole Jr, twins Iverdine and Bertha
Front row: Rachel, Ole Sr, Mari and Serina (Sarah)

Mari and Ole's eldest child, Elizabeth had married Ole Andreas Knutson in 1864 and had moved away so unfortunately was not included in the photo.

My guess is that the photo was taken just before Iverdine and Rachel left Stavanger in May 1871 and moved to the United States.

*Photo provided by Genevieve Berg, great granddaughter of Mari and Ole Finnestad.

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