Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mari Iversdatter Nord-Skaar Finnestad and family

About a year ago I had posted a photo of the headstone for Susanna Travland and the monument for her father-in-law, Peder Peterson Travland.    I wasn't aware at the time how close I was to determining the multiple ties of the Travland family to the Finnestad family.

I recently located a lawsuit filed by my great great great grandmother, Mary (Iversdatter Skaar) Finnestad against her brother, Rasmus Skaar.

 From the Sycamore True Republican, November 7, 1900 edition.

From the Sycamore True Republican February 6, 1901 edition.

From the Sycamore True Republican April 17, 1901 edition.

After obtaining a copy of the lawsuit, I learned that Martha G Peterson, had passed away November 20, 1899 and left 50 acres southwest of Malta, Illinois.    Due to this lawsuit I learned that Martha was Mary Finnestad's sister.    Another sister mentioned in the lawsuit was Susanna Travland, who had also passed away leaving three children, potential heirs of Martha's estate.  

Because Martha did not have a will, a lawsuit was filed to determine what would happen to the 50 acres of land.  Eventually the court determined the land be sold at auction and proceeds distributed.

Were it not for this lawsuit, I may never have known that Susanna (Iversdatter Skaar) had married Peter Travland, the son of Taletta Maria (Larsdatter) and Peder Pederson Travland.     Iverdine, the daughter of Mary (Iversdatter Skaar) and Ole (Olson) Finnestad married Lewis Travland, the brother of Peter.      At the time, I had guessed that Iverdine's in-laws were her cousins, but in reality Susanna and Peter Travland were her aunt and uncle as well as her in-laws.

My great great great grandmother Mary was the eldest child born to Sigrid (Rasmusdatter) and Iver Reierson.  Martha was the 3rd child, Rasmus the 4th and Susanna was the 5th child.   Sigrid and Iver's 2nd child, Marthe died at 6 months of age.

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