Friday, September 9, 2011

Lawrence Alvin Sanderson - burial

Ole and Mari Finnestad's great grandson, Lawrence Alvin Sanderson was born to Ellen Marie (Vallem) and Seward Sanderson on November 21, 1896 in DeKalb county, Illinois (most likely Milan township).

Lawrence was married to Nora Elma Peterson, though I do not know the date of their marriage, probably late 1916.  Nora was born August 25, 1897 and died in December, 1981.

Lawrence passed away in August 1976 in DeKalb, DeKalb county, Illinois and is buried at the Fairview Cemetery.

Here is a closeup of Nora's inscription.

Here is a closeup of Lawrence's inscription.

Lawrence's grandparents were Rachel (Finnestad) and Lewis P Vallem

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